Children’s Clothing


Used Textile Children's Clothing

We sort and process hundreds of thousands of pounds weekly of brand name dress shirts, blue jeans, overalls, camo, sports coats, shoes, and leather accessories. Each item is carefully examined to ensure that they are free of holes, stains, tears, rips or missing buttons and zippers. Our bales are made up of a higher grade of Garments, Shoes, Leather Purses, Belts and Textiles.

100 LBSChildren’s School Bags
100 LBSChildren’s Mixed Shorts
100 LBSChildren’s Overalls
100 LBSChildren’s Light Zipper Jackets
100 LBSChildren’s Winter Shirts
100 LBSChildren’s Ski Jackets
100 LBSChildren’s Track Suits
100 LBSBaby Sleepers / Rompers

100 PCSBoys Cotton Pants / Jeans
100 LBSBoys Cotton Shirts
100 LBSGirls Summer Dress
100 LBSChildren’s T-shirts / Polo S/S
100 LBSChildren’s Light Rummage
100 LBSHeavy Baby Rummage
100 LBSLight Baby Rummage
100 LBSBaby Jogging Suits
100 LBSChildren’s Sweaters

Still have you any problems?

If you don’t see the specific type of used item, you are looking for, simply get in touch. We are used to meeting the diverse needs of clients looking to buy second-hand items in wholesale around the world.

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20 East Peddie St, Newmark, New Jersey, 07114, United States of America.

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+1 908-616-6269

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